DIY & INDIE: So Different.

Israel Martínez wasn't brought up very differently than you or me, even if you're a yuppie or a guanabi gringo.

The difference between him and other people is that while your buddies were just hangin at their cribs, he was locked up inside his studio producing whatever you may wonder, right by the late nineties. A little bit to the left, but yeah, he was there, blasting dark hippie stuff with his lil' brother Deg who has also just released a record under the a.k.a. of Jack's Son and was embraced quite nicely by Textura.

Anyways, the thing is, while you were having crazy sex at your parent's beach house "somewhere near Cancoon" or camping at some rustic rave with two bucks in your pocket and a jar of shrooms on your back; my buddy here was releasing records and songs on his own.

You should try that too sometimes, its punk.

Nebula 3 – So Different

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Rodrigo dijo...

me latió, buen track!

ya lo estoy escuchando en "repeat" ;)