Not long ago, at some dumbshit blog I wont even link, I read the most awful sort of insults directed to the scene I belong to.

At first I didn't know if it was meant to be funny or hurtful to some specific friends of mine, either way I laughed, but it was around 2005, and well I was on my own shit, kinda arrogant too. But that's not the point yo, what that stupid blog said was mostly crap about our movement and our music, and gave absolutely no credit to whatever media had raved our friends so far back then. It even called us liars.

I always thought it was just some jealous ignorant poseur ('cause his Spanish wasn't really good either) talking shit about some of us, but well, just for this once (again! the first time I showed you pictures of us getting high with some Mexican celebrities), here you go buddy... So you won't be able to keep on doubting about the things we DO and you simply DON'T, culturoso.

Alright, back to the original post; his name is Ángel Sanchez, and not only has he had one record released, but quite a few already. But just because I know you and your buddies only read Pitchforkmedia, here's a little review for you:

8.6 BABY! By your favorite webzine... IN YOUR FUCKING FACE!

Seekers Who Are Lovers - Modern Heirs (Soundsister)

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