Lindsay Lohan In The Woods

So... What would you think if Lindsay Lohan was caught by a paparazzi buying one of your favorite magazines?

I'd buy her a drink, nah, no, no, scratch that... I'd ask her to buy me one, 'cause well... SHE'S FUCKING RICH!!!


Ballad of the Broken Seas

So the most beautiful ex-member of Belle & Sebastian has finally lost her mind like the rest of the frat-kids she left behind. Yeah, for some odd reason she teamed up with Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees & Queens of the Stone Age).

Truth is I don't give a shit, anything she touches usually ends up just as pretty as her eyes, voice, and everything... But heck, you'll be the one who decides!


TTSO ♥ Isobel

Antojitos Mexicanos II

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Enjoy them.


The Damned

They are still so lovely. Check the Rat's weardrove.

Rolling Stones

Keith Richards

Rolling Stones

Keith Richards

Keith Richards

Keith Richards

Keith Richards

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones

Mick Jagger


ayer en el redroom

poquitas fotos porque se me olvido cargar las baterias de la camara.

Descartes a Kant.. muy buena banda, chequenla:


Wild On Cholula!

Why you should visit or move to Cholula, Puebla!
- It's a rustic college town
- Beautiful girls
- Adorable boys
- Deliberate polygamy
- Hundreds of foreign students everywhere
- Pyramid tunnels
- Flying kites
- Favela-like sites
- Pulque with fruit flavored soda
- Free "mona" (dissolvent sponsored by nice Cholos in the streets)
- Lotsa types of good (yet very cheap) weed
- Good LSD
- Cherry / Vanilla Coke
- Free Whisky
- Cheap Exotic Food (less than 2 bucks)
- Good coffee
- Cheap rent
- Beer available at every corner
- People ride bikes
- Lots of nice gigs
- Ten minute drive to Puebla (where Germans build Beetles)
- 2.5 hrs. drive to Mexico City
- 3 hrs. drive to Veracruz' beaches
- 3.5 hrs. drive to Oaxaca's beaches
- And so on... until you fucking puke.