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Para nosotros uno de los mejores artistas del 2007 -y de los pocos artistas dignos de merecer peculiar atención este próximo 2008- fue Felix Cartal, como lo mencioné hace algunos meses junto con Dirty Disco Youth, Zhiguly y Kissy Sell Out, él es uno de los mejores productores de electro. Taelor Deitcher es su nombre real, inició su carrera musical como bajista en una banda, y de ahí partió su inspiración para crear sus perfectos e inigualables basslines llenos de ese house tan bailable, a veces recordándome a lo que era Switch en sus inicios.

En este año Felix Cartal se destapó y se hizo mostrar con algunos excelentes tracks y remixes producidos por él mismo, y algunas veces tocando con grandes como MSTRKRFT, Lazaro Casanova, LA RIOTS, Justice, Busy P, entre muchos más...

Felix es proveniente de Francia, y se podría decir que Vancouver, Canadá, es su segunda casa, razón por la cual decide llamar así a su último track. Por ahí se dice que su Live Act suele ser inolvidable, ya que la mayoría de los tracks que pone no son conocidos por nadie y, al tener influencias de la calidad de Switch y MSTRKRFT, podemos esperar mucho de un Live de Felix Cartal.

Aquí les dejo una entrevista a Felix hecha por Lovestar de Trash Menagerie, pero antes algunos de sus mejores tracks:

Felix Cartal - Vancouver*
Felix Cartal - Montreal Dreams*
Felix Cartal - Parisienne*
Felix Cartal - Drugs*
Felix Cartal - Moss vs Tree*
Moving Units - Crash N Burn Victims (Felix Cartal Remix)


Lovestar: Why the name Felix Cartal? Any specific significance to your real name?

Felix: The name Felix Cartal is based off a possibility for what I could’ve been named. My parents said they were either going to name me Felix or what my name is now, and Cartal is my mother’s maiden name.

Lovestar: Tell us where you got your start in music and if it influences the music you’re doing today:

Felix: I’ve been in a few bands when I was younger, and it really helped me to understand the creative process and song structure. The two most important things I learned from being in those bands was that all songs follow a formula and that you can’t force creativity. I played bass in the bands as well, so I have translated a lot of basslines I’ve written into dance tracks.

Lovestar: So you are from France and seem to like living in a variety of places - Canada and presently, Scotland. What brought you to these places?

Felix: Mostly I just really enjoy traveling, and school and gigging has helped make it possible.

Lovestar: You are in Scotland now, how do you like it? How is the music scene here and how is Uni?

Felix: Really enjoying it here, the dance scene is pretty massive. Clubs are quite different from back home. The university is really great, the actual building is amazing. Classes start next week, we’ll see how they go. Going to a headphone disco tonight, where everybody listens to the music on headphones instead of through the PA, heard they are a really amazing experience so I am excited for that.

Lovestar: Have you tried haggis whilst in Scotland yet?

Felix: No I’m scared to.

Lovestar: What drives you to create music?

Felix: Mostly I’ll get inspired from something I hear, and then I’ll try to semi-replicate it in my own way. I like those kinds of dance classics where it builds to everything dropping out except for one riff and everyone on the dance floor throws up their hands and cheers.

Lovestar: Ed Banger has SoMe, is there a specific artist you would like to create your album?

Felix: John Gacy.

Lovestar: What has been the most magic gig you’ve played to date and what was this experience like?

Felix: I recently opened for Justice and Busy P at the Arches in Glasgow. It was an amazing time to say the least, massive club - over 2000 kids dancing right from the start of the night. Actually videos are better than words, one of
the final songs I played that night. (see video above)

Lovestar: According to the Urban Dictionary, a Felix Cartal from France gave a crass hilarious definition of what a Lucky Horseshoe is - “When you pick up a hooker, take her to a stall in the ladies washroom, and fuck her from behind while she rails coke off the toilet seat.” When used in a sentence, “I was giving Candy a lucky horseshoe in the bathroom when she OD’d. I finished off though.” Are you that person and what other words have you given meaning to?

Felix: Who would do such a thing under my name! Everyone knows I’m a really reserved guy! I enjoy light hearted humour as you might have noticed from my official website on my myspace page, not this offensive kind.

Lovestar: You’ve remixed pop star Ashley Simpson, how close are you to remixing Hillary Duff, has she approached you? And why female teen pop stars?

Felix: Female popstars have the greatest vocal tracks to work with since it’s all over-produced to shit from the best producers in the world. No she hasn’t
approached me yet, my heart would probably explode if she did. (Kind of like the end of The Grinch except more so).

Lovestar: What inspires you in music today?

Felix: I’ve been listening to a lot of Ghetto-tech, not necessarily by choice, but it’s fun to have a few drinks to. Also I’ve always been inspired by minimal tech stuff, such as Nathan Fake, Extrawelt and Holden, basically anything off of Border Community is amazing to me. It’s a bit Kompakt-y in a way but more emotion, it’s really great stuff. And then I’m always on the hunt for massive bangers to play out, so anything really dirty is inspiring to me, because it’s more geared in the direction of my set.

Lovestar: What can we expect in the coming months to a year?

Felix: A release of some sort, a mini North American tour and lots of tracks.




DRUGS (MAR/2007)



As always this is our Bonus Track:

Felix Cartal - Drugs (Hostage Remix)*
Felix Cartal - Decadance


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