Hace unos días, platicando con Quinn Allman de la banda de punk melódico rarito llamada The Used, salió al tema su relación con uno de mis artistas favoritos: Alex Pardee.

Esta agrupación de Utah lleva trabajando con Pardee desde su primer LP, y justo para su más reciente placa Lies For The Liars (Reprise, 2007), lanzaron una edición especial con un libro en el que aparece el más reciente trabajo de Alex y su personaje "Chadam".

La verdad es que me hubiera gustado más hablar con Pardee que con Quinn al respecto, pero si quieres saber más sobre Alex Pardee, es mejor que visites su blog directamente...

A particular highlight of The Used is the Alex Pardee's work that surrounds it... How and why did you manage to get a hold of this guy? His work looks brilliant as your band's aesthetic...

I just liked his shit. Basically, my friend showed me his artwork on the internet when we were recording in L.A. So I proposed him when we were talking about artwork, and everyone said he was great and that we should talk to him.

He's really cool, really witty, super artistic, super hardworking, and his creativity squashes us, he probably works like 17 hrs. a day. He lived with us when we did the artwork for Lies For The Liars so he kinda had the music and we were all together, and he was also just coming up with "Chadam" and a bunch of these characters and ideas. So he's been cool with us, we have a very friendly relationship.

I think that what happens is, a lot of his artwork is really colourful but at the same time it's abstract and dirty, and I think that kind of coincides with our signature, with our sound. It's kind of a destructive energy but it's really beautiful.

It is awkwardly beautiful...

(Laughs) Yeah, the thing with Alex Pardee's work is that it really captures our sound. If you listen to our music and then admire his work, you can pretty much say it's the same.

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