Se lo hemos estado diciendo a todos nuestros amigos, lo mejor que le podría suceder a un chico de estos tiempos, es tener 17 años, una fake ID, una pareja fogosa y fatale, de esas que sólo se dan en la adolescencia, y vivir en Australia rodeado de gente tan rara como tú, lector. Desde la Costa Dorada, les dejo este video de Operator Please, una banda de menores de edad que recien firmó para Virgin. Por cierto, su bajista acaba de cumplir 18, she's legal now!


Wanna know what real kids want? Here's a tip: Don't ask them, THEY DON'T KNOW OR WILL EVER KNOW AND NEITHER WILL YOU; you're not allowed to know, you only get one shot to understand what's going on, and I suppose that was a long time ago, so sorry you were too busy paying attention to your mom.

Stop pretending and just go along with their shit, listen to them and more importantly SHOW THEM THE SAME RESPECT, because in the end, their parents paid all of those pretty dumb gadgets all over you. Yeah, including that sweet Blackberry. Damn.

Photo by Uffie for Ugly Smile.

Or you can always give'em a nifty camara so they can keep you up to date! Like my hot chick here, Uffie... Oh she rules alright, just ask the hundreds of thousands of people who are downloading and buying her songs off the net since a lil' while ago.

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