I have no shame, I'm such a groupie, but two of my favorite rock bands of all México will be playing in Guadalajara the same day we're throwing a party here in Mexico City with people from Guadalajara. How curious.

Hablando de curiosidades, Sappho es el más reciente fichaje de Poni Republic -y el primer proyecto mexicano del sello- por lanzar disco físicamente. En EU The Civilized Thing To Do será lanzado por Second Shimmy, el sello de Kramer, productor quien fuera a realizar la masterización del disco, y que también ha trabajado con bandas como Galaxie 500, Daniel Johnston, Low, Butthole Surfers, Sufjan Stevens, White Zombie, Dot Allison.... en algunos casos, él mismo ha sido quien descubre tales proyectos.

So if I were you, I would definitely GO to that gig, because something tells the back of my thoughts, that this night will be one of those micro-historic tapatían nights all over again. And people, I'm not exagerating, Guadalajara is a city that's currently writing its very OWN exciting counterculture stories, all of the shit that didn't happen for ages is happening now!

So everyone's going crazy at every single thing they do, and the best part of it is that they're not even aware of it! So it's all a humble fucking mess, unlike the dirty apple D.F. where everyone claims to have done or seen anything cool "before".

Not in Guadalajara mate? No problemo mi güero, just go with the chilango flow! And if this is not the first time you read this blog, there is a huge possibility you'll end up afterpartying at our gig downtown.


Here's a brand new song, just because you read this far, but SHHHH..... ;)

Leak or not, this is what Pancho -vocalist of Sappho- told me:

La promoción de este disco se siente del todo raro... es como ver fotos viejas en las que uno está gordo y mal vestido. Pero ps está chido, hay que mover el material lo mas posible, hay que sacarle todo el jugo necesario.

Fun, fun, fun.

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Sappho dijo...

Jajajaja muy buena cita. Muchas gracias por todo Don Eric :)

turnthatshitoff dijo...



Paulina* dijo...


pues yo si voy a ir

muchacho eric
un abrazo y suerte con la party en el d.f.

soy la grupi de ttso