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Toy Selectah is a name we wont forget for quite a while, let's just say he's a producer from Monterrey and well, he's involved with the kinda people you'd like to party with every weekend. No need to say more, except that thanks to him, most cholos, chemos, yuppies and skaters started to get along a little better ever since the late 90's.

Anyways, according to Toy himself, he's Diplo's music resource when it comes to reggaeton and what not from this part of the globe, and proof of that is this amazing remix he did for M.I.A.'s "Galang".

Unfortunely this dancefloor bomb was never released, and it probably wont last very long here either, so you might as well download it soon and spread it among your own mexican curious parties and friends.

Sonidero Nacional - El Galanganazo

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oye Any, qué paso con Pupa y Lavinia, meses sin saber qué ha sido de ellas.