Funny shit, I was boozing and watching telly with some mates at Tacubaya, when this song popped out between channels.

Can't wait to tell you what Poni Republic is up to this year, but from what we've confirmed so far, there's a bunch of sweet and shocking surprises. Starting from the powerful pre-release of Todosantos' Acid Girlzzz and a new "danceable" compilation curated by TTSO, yeah, meaning us. And it sure is yuppie! It will feature songs by over & underground mexican artists like Duopandamix, Transistor, Almeyda, Don Moy, Tropitek, Gronimo, and many others...

This Caracas-based new acid wave sound is fucking hallucinating! I'm dying to hit the coast with Todosantos soon. I hear they'll be playing live in Mexico this March!

Todosantos - OMG We Got It (Poni Republic, 2007)

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