Yeah everyone has a kid inside, thing is, this guy is still a kid and as far as I remember, he’s better known for being a prolific musician than a nice kid. But don’t let that distract you, because the reason I have this exclusive MP3 is because I deserve it and so do you.

Here’s a little bit of Mexican Underground history:

Not a long ago, but quite a very while, this guy was drilling beats and destroying melodies with his formal a.k.a. Lumen Lab, but then all of the experimental hip hop wave hit the Pacific Ocean like a typhoon and after a couple of caguamas at an Abolipop gig, him and I decided to start a party-mash-up project called Jackson. Yeah it was hella fun for sure, but later appeared Warp's Jackson and His Computer Band along with some fights and young Diego Martinez decided to dump me and kept our party project for himself and this other hot guy with dreads better known in Guadalajara as Meiker.

But it wasn't until this week that Diego officially released his first record as Jack's Son, and dude its damn good, top notch shit. Fuck! There’s a sample of me rapping at the beginning of this record! So that kinda makes me, according to the title of that track in this record: "El otro hijo de Jack".

So there, but just in case my personal story doesn’t fulfill your strict expectations, here’s what Aussie Cyclic Defrost said about this release:

Wow! Where the hell did this spring from? Literally from Mexico - metaphorically from the cavernous dub station on the fringe of hip hop, soul and glitched out funk riding high with a mescalin milkshake and a touch of sunstroke.

Man, that's a good review and, this, a great song.

Jack's Son - True Trouble feat. Lucrecia

Anyways, they will be performing live this 27th at FBolko in Guadalajara. There will be cumbias for everyone!

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Anónimo dijo...

Pues si mi niño interno fuera como Diego o Eduardo... ¡me suicidaría!

Anónimo dijo...

jajaja qué pesad@

Kiwitz dijo...

aish ya quisieran

Anónimo dijo...

Créeme que no.