Meet Soundsister

Oh this record label is becoming so popular nowdays, we just can't stop reading the unusual globalized comments at their Myspace page.

Just in case you think we're exagerating, it's not useless to say, that their roster has been invited to play around the world among artists like Dj Spooky, Vladislav Delay, Errase Errata, Yo La Tengo, XBXRX, Lucien N' Luciano, Vitaminsforyou, Isolée, Matthew Dear, Lusine, Sickboy, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Monolake, Mikael Stavostrand, Xiu Xiu, Montag and Rechenzentrum. And just so you missed it, their two releases have been raved by respected magaziness like Germany's De:bug; the dutch Gonzo Circus and Vital Weekly; spanish Rockdelux, Go and Neo2; USA's Stylus; the chilenian Loop, and argentinan Zona de Obras.

Actually, their next release is Maniqui Lazer's, the first ever mexican hardcore band produced by one of Mexico's micro-house top-notch producers: Fax. And that's not all, these kids are so good live, they've been driving "uncommon" mexican mainstream celebs crazy at their gigs as well.

Yeah, so if Julieta Venegas, Natalia Lafourcade, Las Ultrasónicas, and Reik, can love'em like the grindcore scene already does, you'll probably like them too. Unless you're one of those angry (overground) snobs.

There's also a bunch of cute photographs taken by TTSO collaborators at their new "photos" section!

MP3: Maniqui Lazer - Ms. Lazer

More MP3s available for download at: